White & Johnson

Minimal, Youthful, Nautical

Porters Neck, Wilmington, NC

The clients wanted this White & Johnson location to have a unique identity unlike any of their other locations. The interior scheme needed to be fun and appropriate for infants to teenagers, while reflecting the modern, coastal style of the exterior architecture. The clients were very inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. This primarily crisp white backdrop allowed for a vibrant pops of aqua, teal, navy, and coral accents colors – perfectly appropriate for a youthful audience and a coastal atmosphere. Our starting point for the design was the flooring. As with all medical environments, durability and function are at the utmost importance, but design aesthetic is never sacrificed. We achieved both with a combination of a Scandinavian-inspired wood plank LVT, with accents of colorful woven fiber LVT flooring tiles. The placement of the accent tiles was used to create a traffic flow in the space and serve as way finding for guiding patients.

For the countertops, the dentists requested a material that wouldn’t stain or discolor from dental products, a problem they had encountered in the past. We found a laminate finish that is specifically designed to be chemical resistant and had the dentists self-test the material before moving forward on the selection. We intentionally chose to color block textured solids rather than loud prints in order to create a visual calming environment, while also infusing each space with personality and lively energy. The colors are contrasted with a use of bright whites to reflect natural light into the space. Separate waiting rooms for the teens and a special toddlers’ playhouse in the waiting room ensure that the space is engaging and appealing to all ages. The porthole windows in both spaces are a subtle nod to the nautical scheme.

Inspired by Scandanavian minimalism the interior scheme reflects the modern, coastal style of the exterior architecture, while maintaining durability and function.
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