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BIG SKY Design

We’re not just crafting interiors; we’re shaping experiences.

Championed by seasoned visionaries with over 20 years in the design game, our
all-women team doesn’t just follow the trends; we interpret them into spaces that last a lifetime. We are all about creating bespoke spaces that resonate with depth and soul.

Elevating your everyday experience is our shared mission. Your space is more than a set of walls; it’s an embodiment of your personality and dreams. Let’s get together, let’s collaborate, let’s create. Your space deserves it.

Big Sky
Shop + Studio

Welcome to the Shop + Studio, where our curated collection of furniture frames, home goods, and elevated decor is a playground for your interior dreams. Dive into textures, colors, and patterns with our full fabric and wallpaper library, sourced straight from our trusted to-the-trade vendors.

We’re not just a shop; we’re your partners in design. Get cozy with consultations, embark on design projects, and let’s turn your space into everything you envisioned, and then some. Whether you’re after a standout piece, or a whole new vibe, the Shop + Studio is where your unique style discovery can spread its wings.


Step into our portfolio where you'll find a journey through the breadth and depth of our design expertise, revealing our mastery of form, texture, and color to shape truly unique interiors.

So, dive in, let our portfolio be your inspiration, and discover the boundless possibilities that Big Sky Design brings to every space.


Light + Bright

A sunlit haven of punchy hues and geometric accents, this coastal retreat in St James Plantation not only boasts a vibrant design transformation but also marks a delightful reunion, with our team having previously designed their daughter's home years before.

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Unlock the full potential of your space with our comprehensive design services. From envisioning new builds to transforming existing spaces, we specialize in both commercial and residential projects.

Our passion lies in crafting environments that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring each design is tailored to meet your distinct needs.

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