The Lodges at Lake Wylie

Lake Wylie, SC

The vision for The Lodges at Lake Wylie's new clubhouse was to encapsulate the serene essence of lake life with a distinctive touch. Seeking a departure from conventional hospitality designs, the owner envisioned an ambiance that exuded richness and style. Drawing inspiration from Western and Native American motifs, our designers curated a color palette steeped in saturated earth tones, complemented by textural natural materials, resulting in a contemporary reinterpretation of historical aesthetics.

The fusion of ancient materials in modern contexts, such as stone in lighting fixtures and wood in wall décor, contributed to the creation of visually compelling spaces. Cozy gathering areas were crafted using natural textures like leather, suede, woven fabrics, and even hair-on-hide, inviting residents to unwind and socialize. Reflecting the warmth of the fireplace, a metallic wallcovering adorned the ceiling above seating areas, while LVT vinyl flooring at the entrance simulated a Native American texture. Every design choice, from surface finishes to accessories, was meticulously selected to fulfill the intentional vision set for The Lodges at Lake Wylie.

The owner wanted something completely different from the design he had seen in other hospitality settings—something rich, something stylish.