Rich, Retro, Glamorous

Courtyard by Marriott

Winston Salem, NC

While establishing the design direction, it was important for us to focus on the roots of Winston Salem. It’s a busy southern city, rich in history and art culture, as well as the birthplace of many well-known businesses. With this in mind, we wanted the design scheme for Winston Salem’s downtown Courtyard Marriott to emanate an old rustic flair, complemented by an expression of new age glam—while also paying tribute to local neighboring businesses and the fine arts community. While some elements, such as the weathered wood floor tile in the lobby, are reminiscent of the city’s old history, others exhibit the more vibrant art and theater culture that inhabits Winston Salem.

The intention was to thoughtfully integrate the polarities together to echo the local experience within the hotel. The color scheme, which stems from the beer label artwork and branding from the adjacent Foothills Brewery, radiates a rich, saturated palette. Deeper tones of plum and emerald with accents of varying shades of poppy and cerulean are carefully placed in the space to tell the color story without overwhelming. Sleek, gold accents and leather furnishings are also incorporated to express a touch of new age glam. Special attention to pattern, texture, and shape helps reinforce our design concept—with unique lighting design and wallcovering emulating an updated retro vibe, tying in the art and theatrical aspect of the city.

In the lobby, the weathered wood floor tile echoes the city's rich history, while other vibrant elements capture the lively art and theater culture thriving in Winston-Salem.