Coastal, Refreshing, Viking-Inspired

John T. Hoggard High School

Wilmington, NC

In envisioning Hoggard High School, we prioritized the school's colors and mascot, ensuring a vibrant presence throughout the design. Light and dark blues seamlessly integrate into floor patterns and painted bands along hallways. The coastal wave motif, echoing in the newly constructed cafeteria and Sheila E. Boles gym, adds a dynamic touch. Collaborating with local photographer Chris Frick, we adorned The Break, an à la carte food station, with a wave image on 3form acrylic panels. Aluminum LED pendants illuminate the sleek service counter, against a backdrop of high-gloss white and dark blue glass subway tiles. The Viking Voyage Café, inspired by a Viking ship, features distressed wood laminate for its front and a wood-look tile wall referencing ship planking.

A transformative touch was applied to the existing gym, rejuvenating floors, bleachers, and ceiling ducts, creating a revitalized space. Precision-placed accent bands in the new gym align with future championship banners, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing sports arena.

Experience Hoggard High School's vibrant coastal-inspired design, seamlessly blending spirited colors and dynamic motifs to create an invigorating educational environment.