Hampton Inn

Refreshing, Timeless, Oasis

Sneads Ferry, NC

Using the Hampton Standards as our guide, we developed a unique scheme especially suited to the Sneads Ferry, NC location. We wanted provide visitors to Sneads Ferry-- a small beach town outside of Jacksonville -- a memorable and locally significant experience. With this in mind, we implemented a coastal color palette and design elements while keeping with sophistication and quality. With it’s close proximity to Camp Lejeune, Sneads Ferry is a popular place for military families to getaway. To help visitors have a relaxing experience, we kept our design light and airy, while creating a relevant and current experience using the most up to date contract materials. The atmosphere of the reception area and lobby reads tastefully coastal through the sandy textures, navy and indigo pops, wood porcelain plank flooring, organic carpet patterns, patterned fabrics, and polished nickel and glass lighting establishes this sense of location.

In the lobby, we custom designed a long community table to with solid wood and angled legs meant to feel heavy and rustic in the space, in order to incorporate a comfortable residential feel without sacrificing durability for commercial use. Other accents, such as the beautiful quartz and artwork, also reinforce our design direction. Four medium-sized, glass and brushed nickel pendants hang over the table. The lightness in the metal and glass bring the perfect amount of attention and light to the space. Sconces in a similar style line the perimeter of the breakfast area for added sparkle. We used a framed art piece from a local photographer, Chris Frick, to highlight as a focal piece in the breakfast area. Perforated, sphere pendants greet guests entering into the pantry. Over the banquets are textural, paper mache-like artwork pieces that give the space visual interest and texture. The color scheme, combined with the simple and clean-lined furniture pieces, start in the first floor and carry through to the hallways and guest rooms as well. Striking patterned carpet runs the length of the corridors, with insets at the door drops for added interest. A linear, textured wallcovering creates a neutral contrast to the carpet, while walking down the hallways. In the guestrooms, we developed a neutral scheme with accents of navy, light blue, and indigo. The combination of lighter toned woods emphasizes the relaxed, coastal atmosphere.

Sandy textures, navy and indigo pops, wood porcelain plank flooring, organic carpet and fabric patterns, and polished nickel and glass lighting establish a sense of location.
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