Hampton Inn & Suites: Knightdale Raleigh

Knightdale, NC

Knightdale, an old town just outside of Raleigh, NC, has a very young population with the majority in their mid 30’s. We wanted to blend the feel of an old southern town with the boom of a growing youthful population. We implemented a fun color palette, while creating a relevant and current experience using the most up to date contract materials. We welcomed pops of chartreuse and cerulean into a neutral base color palette of warm grays and balanced timeless organic elemens with clean, contemporary lines. While being very durable for commercial use, the thoughtfully placed fabric textures, patterns, and colors in the lobby space play off of each other, as well as the custom color carpet patterns. The design of the custom lobby table is based on very clean, simple lines to create a sleek and more modern look and feel.

Other accents, such as lighting and artwork, also reinforce our design direction. Four sculptural spiraled ring pendants over the lobby table fit the space well, given their scale, unique material and design. The cage-shaped sconces with crystal spheres placed along the perimeter of the room also add to the artistic flair, as do the smoked glass, sphere pendants over the serving area in the pantry. These three unique pendants draw guests into the pantry area with their eye-catching sparkle. Over the banquets are metal-like, sculptural artwork pieces that give a metro feel to the space, as well as create a nice contrast with the wallcovering behind. In the guest rooms, the headboard wallcovering is completely custom. We hand drew spiral circles and had them printed in gold on top of cerulean blue. The combination of the irregular organic circles in a grid pattern provides a carefree backdrop to the clean lined furnishings. Throughout the design, we incorporated artistic punches to honor the local surrounding culture.

For the headboard wallcovering, we hand drew spiral circles and had them printed in gold on top of cerulean blue to provide a carefree backdrop to the clean lined furnishings.