Rustic, Reclaimed, Relaxing

The Lodges at Lake Wylie: Model Home

Lake Wylie, SC

The owner of The Lodges at Lake Wylie apartment complex wanted the model home to be cohesive with the Southwestern style of the new clubhouse Big Sky Design had renovated prior. He wanted new residents to feel relaxed and at home while inspiring the serene sense that comes with lake life.

What’s the secret to giving a home a “desert” look, without resorting to decorating clichés? Our designers found that the juxtaposition of earthy and natural with modern and unexpected elements creates that balance between a home that feels in keeping with a certain style yet timeless and forever elegant. When working with a project graced by spectacular views—like Lake Wylie outside this open kitchen and living area—a wise designer chooses not to compete with nature, and instead chooses finishes that show off the home’s setting. Case in point: our designers earthy and natural color approach. Creating a seamless indoor-outdoor flow is a hallmark of contemporary design, particularly in a warm-weather climate like South Carolina. The careful integration of this home in its setting helps immerse the residents into their surroundings while respecting the land upon which it sits. The warm neutral palette is calming and classic. Much like the overall design of the clubhouse, note how the colors mimic the sandy shades of a desert, creating a visual and cohesive aesthetic. Behind the clean lines and contemporary furnishings you’ll see reclaimed elements layered into the design. The solid fir media cabinet is made from 100% reclaimed wood, featuring a beautifully pieced geometric front; its pattern inspired by the strong graphic patterns of the Southwestern style rugs, textiles and artwork the designers chose for the space. For the master bedroom of this Southwestern inspired Lake House retreat, our designers took care to create the luxurious feeling of a Sonoran sanctuary. We chose an over-scaled upholstered headboard accented with contemporary furnishings that are stylish and practical. For all of the furnishings and fabric we used quality grade materials, which look fabulous and create a feeling of luxury and retreat. To emphasize the desert inspired design, our designers carried through the warm earthy colors, rich natural woods, and Southwestern sculptural elements. Sheer drapes soften the room and cool colors on the walls keep the room bright and light, to expand the feel of the space.

When working with spectacular views like Lake Wylie, a wise designer chooses not to compete with nature, but instead chooses finishes that show off the home’s setting.