Coastal, Classic, Contemporary

Bryant Real Estate

Carolina Beach, NC

Teaming up with Carolina Beach's market leader, Bryant Real Estate, we undertook the transformation of a residential home into a versatile office space, focusing on a design that captures the professionalism of the business and creates a welcoming ambiance for their clients. Our objective was clear: maintain the building's character while seamlessly blending in the coastal-contemporary nature of the Bryant Real Estate brand—a fusion of the past and the future. Our in-house design team masterfully aligned the residential exterior aesthetic with a functional coastal ethos, crafting a design narrative that reflects the locale holistically.

Creating a memorable design experience is about setting the right mood and achieving a harmonious mix of texture and materials. As you step into the open-concept reception and waiting area, you're embraced by a blend of casual elegance and contemporary composition. The interiors showcase a classic herringbone hardwood floor pattern, vaulted ceilings adorned with cedar slats in a natural stain, black iron pendant light fixtures, soft sage walls, and plush upholstered furnishings. Steady angles, classic lines, and geometric shapes introduce a contemporary layer, maintaining the character of the residential building. Inside the waiting room, mid-level ceiling-height interior walls provide a raw aesthetic. Coastal-inspired materials, including weathered wood tones and distressed finishes, pay homage to the sights of the sea, defining the overall aesthetic.

Upon entering, you step into an open concept reception and waiting area--an imposing blend of casual elegance and contemporary composition.