Vintage, Saturated, Engaging

Classically Modern

Wilmington, NC

Transitioning to coastal living, these retired D.C. executives sought a residence infused with humor and Southern history. With a love for boating and a desire for a laidback coastal lifestyle, they envisioned a home that defied the typical coastal aesthetic. The existing collection of antique furniture and artwork, reflecting their Southern family history, became the foundation for a fresh, modern design. Incorporating traditional painted family portraits, royal family tea canisters, and a refinished grandmother’s settee, the design harmoniously fused their new lifestyle with personal pieces, creating a space that exudes both history and whimsy.

The comprehensive project encompassed a master suite renovation and updates throughout the house, including new finishes, paint, reupholstered furniture, and hardwoods. The foyer, serving as the gateway to the Classically Modern interior, welcomes visitors with a Jonathan Adler print of Slim Aaron’s “Sea Drive” and an artful interplay of host and hostess chairs. Effortlessly combining modern accents, like Celerie Kemble fabric, with traditional elements from the clients’ collection, the design team infused an infusion of red and refreshing blue details to elevate the classic coastal color scheme. The choice of a perfect white for the walls throughout the home creates a light, airy backdrop, enhancing the vibrancy of the saturated accent colors and establishing an ideal beach home atmosphere.

The home's vibrant personality reflects the clients' delightful sense of humor, creating a space that's both lively and uniquely charming.