Industrial, Branded, Modern

Stonewall Engineering

Wilmington, NC

The design concept for the Stonewall Engineering office renovation aimed to elevate the Stonewall brand with intentional, design-driven final touches. By introducing accent walls in the key brand color and incorporating artwork and area rugs, the new space embodies the essence of the brand. One element we reworked to enhance both style and function was the addition of a custom-sized area rug. This not only brought in the main brand colors but also softened the space and improved acoustics. Additionally, we replaced task chairs for added comfort.

A standout feature of this project was the pendant over the conference table. We were enamored with its industrial vibe and appreciated how the light was engineered for a balanced effect, a subtle nod to structural engineering. What makes this project truly unique is its history—this space used to be owned by Jennifer's husband, and she originally designed it. It was a pleasure to enhance a space already created with a designer's eye and elevate the existing finishes. And with 360-degree views of the river and downtown, it truly is the cherry on top!