Southern Serenity

Charming, Eclectic, Elegant

Pinehurst, NC

These long-time clients wanted to reflect their personality in their newly built home with the use of their existing furniture and a charming, southern style. Attention to detail was an important aspect of the home’s interior design. Elegant and organic finishes are featured in each space, giving them unique character and a sophisticated, yet calming effect. Every room was transformed with all new light fixtures, elevated finishes from the drapery trim to the textural wallcoverings, and custom upholstery.

They were also all purposefully reworked with light and airiness in mind, especially the dining room—one of the most stunning transformations throughout the home. A gorgeous, ethereal wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries surrounds the room, adding depth and softness, while a quartz chandelier complements the organic style of the space. Natural light floods in through sheer drapery, tying the design together. The dining room’s style and design not only stands alone as a unique statement room, but it reflects the overall scheme of the home: a polished, chic, and charming abode.

The client's grandfather's table and benches were refinished and used in the breakfast room of the kitchen.
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