First Bank Headquarters

Corporate, clean, architectural

Southern Pines, NC

It’s not everyday that Big Sky has the opportunity to design a truly “corporate” space. First Bank HQ wanted a departure from traditional surroundings of Southern Pines and the buildings angles and architecture was perfect for a modern aesthetic. This project had two phases: In the first phase we tackled the lobby and interior finishes on the main floors. We weaved the First Bank signature cherry red into a neutral palette of whites and grays. Subtle wall colors allowed art to provide a regional context of the Headquarter's location.

We renovated the basement into a sophisticated and rich meeting space complete with paneled walls and a custom backlit wall panel to provide a warm light source in the basement space. We designed, and had fabricated locally, a 20’ x 8’ cherry and mahogany conference table where the board of First Bank would convene for important meetings.

Subtle wall colors allowed artwork to provide regional context of the Headquarter’s location.
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