Down Home Dwelling

Easy, fresh, put together

Porters Neck, Wilmington, NC

The busy young family was relocating to Wilmington and wanted to make the transition as easy as possible on themselves, their three-year-old son, and two dogs. The Big Sky Shop & Collaborative Studio was the perfect solution for them. Comfort was at the utmost importance, but they didn’t want to sacrifice style. The couple was finally ready to graduate from their Ikea furnishings they had acquired back when they were just dating. With this house, they wanted to “do it right.” They provided us a budget, some inspiration, and a quickly approaching move-in date. We were able to help create their dream home in such a quick turnaround because they also gave us decisiveness and trust. Working over the phone and via email presentations, we worked together to create a modern coastal concept, had the new home freshly painted and all furnishings ready and waiting for installation when they arrived on move-in day.

The young family wanted a fresh, modern take on coastal style. We layered in ocean hues, soft natural textures, and modern furnishings. To the clients’ request, we established the serene feeling of being at the beach without the use nautical or sea life motifs. We replaced their white sofa with a larger, cozier sectional in a performance fabric that would help conceal debris from daily life. The previous homeowners had painted the kitchen island a bright aqua and hung aqua pendants above, as well as incorporated the color in to accent tile in the backsplash. Instead of overhauling the kitchen, we chose to embrace the vibrant aqua, using it for an accent in the adjoining living room but toned it down with navy and grey fabrics and darker driftwood finishes. Of all the new elements in the home, we, the clients, and their dogs, can’t get enough of the plushy, stylish rugs throughout!

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