Treehouse Boathouse

Wilmington, NC

Lakes and docks, the call of loons, rocky shorelines and rustic cottages are the hallmarks of coastal culture, but that didn’t stop us from drawing on a chic Carolina aesthetic when we designed this 1,000-square-foot literal boathouse - the bones of the three-story house are formed from stacked houseboats! The home is set within beautiful, old live oak trees and on the water’s edge of the Intracoastal Waterway. Making out the interior, it was necessary to plan everything correctly and carefully due to the modest “houseboat” dimensions: low ceilings and limited clearances. Maximizing every centimeter of the square footage and reviewing thousands of options we chose the best and most functional. Refusing from using colors that can visually reduce a small space, we revised the interior shutters at the dining room window that faced a public landing by enhancing them with a fresh coat of paint which grants the breakfast nook character and accords the adjacent living room and kitchen. The method of uniting rooms is very actual nowadays, as it is convenient and elegant.

Using sufficient space, we introduced a bolder color option for the kitchen island which became a favorable expression of color in an otherwise very light and crisp palette of whites and coastal hues. The colors of the wood floors throughout make the room more comfortable, and the textile accents make the design more concise. It was best to use multi-functional pieces of furniture and design. Home decor accents such as a porthole inspired mirror above the bathroom vanity and ocean landscape artwork keep the home beachy without being predictable. Large windows are an obligatory attribute of the living room, as they visually increase the space. The Big Sky team decoupaged nautical maps that were hung over the horizontal wood plank wainscoting at the stairs. This was one of our most interesting wallpaper installations to date! We had a great experience with the owners and contractor; one that was always positive problem solving given the quirky nature of the project and the budget.

The bones of this three-story house are formed from stacked houseboats -- taking coastal culture to a new level.