Charming, Eclectic, Elegant

Southern Serenity

Pinehurst, NC

In shaping their newly constructed haven, our longtime clients sought to imbue every inch with the essence of their personalities, seamlessly blending cherished existing furniture with the irresistible allure of Southern style. Our design philosophy for this project was rooted in meticulous attention to detail, resulting in each space boasting elegant and organic finishes that impart a unique character and a sophisticated, calming ambiance. We orchestrated a comprehensive transformation, introducing new light fixtures, elevating finishes from intricately adorned drapery trims to textural wallcoverings, and embracing bespoke custom upholstery.

The dining room emerged as a stunning focal point within the home's metamorphosis, a space thoughtfully redesigned for lightness and airiness. A captivating, ethereal wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries envelops the room, introducing depth and softness, harmonized by a quartz chandelier that complements the space's organic style. The design narrative is woven together seamlessly with natural light flooding through sheer drapery. Beyond being a statement in itself, the dining room serves as a reflection of the overall schemeā€”a polished, chic, and charming abode.

In the heart of the kitchen, the breakfast room comes alive with the refurbished charm of the client's grandfather's table and benches, weaving cherished family history into the fabric of the home.