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Glamorous, Classic, Elegant

Stately Surroundings

Wilmington, NC

Our clients, passionate about American history and already proud owners of intriguing antiques and artwork, sought to breathe new life into their formal living room. Though they had selected their main furnishings, they desired a mural that would transform their space into an enduring showstopper. Our mission was clear: to bridge the gap between the historical significance of their belongings and a fresh, contemporary feel. From the outset, a dreamy mural was at the top of our client’s wish list. Our challenge was to verify each panel's placement and scale, ensuring a flawless installation. This required close collaboration with the homeowners, the wallpaper manufacturer, and our expert installer. We meticulously aligned the mural with the room’s architecture, bringing the client's vision to life.

Once the mural was in place, we layered in new accessories from Big Sky Shop + Studio to complete the chic transformation. The mural, with its moody yet inviting vibe, became an instant focal point, transporting anyone who gazes upon it to another time and place. It harmonized beautifully with the clients' existing pieces, elevating the entire room. The collaboration on this project was seamless, embodying the spirit of teamwork. From the clients to Big Sky’s design team and shop, the wallpaper manufacturer, and the installer, everyone played a crucial role. The results speak for themselves: a space that is both historically rich and contemporarily chic, truly a testament to the power of collaboration and vision.

This gorgeous wallpaper pattern will be a tough one to top!
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