Globally Inspired

Global, inspired, collected

Wilmington, NC

Unpacking their worldly possessions, these clients made their everyday home behind the façade of their unassuming red brick Colonial Revival. When the couple first met they took a trip around the world to 17 countries. To set the tone for the ethno-eclectic interior of their Wilmington home (one of three), we selected Schumacher’s bold hand-blocked gold leaf navy and green Rampur floral paper. We wanted an Old World richness and the pattern adds depth to the space that functions as a runway for the hosts when staging dinner parties. The formality of the setting is twisted with a linen wrapped table and jute rug over inlaid hardwood floors. Add the fluted lines of Currey & Co.’s coppery pendant that mimics the front entry fanlight mullions and the oversized rustic black wall scones paired with faux cow hide stools and the foyer begs visitors to expect the unexpected as they travel throughout the home. A wall tapestry from Nepal hangs in the dining room, a Puerto Rican moon goddess mask above a living room sofa, and a French African Cameroon headdress above the four-poster master bed. In the master suite, we developed an understated, yet luxurious chinoiserie palette blending lacquered pearl, mirrored platinum and bejeweled gold tones for the assembly of Asian-infused wall coverings, textiles and finishes. It’s their sanctuary, their retreat and we wanted it to be a softer color palette, more ethereal, a departure from the rest of the house — more romantic, if you will. Vibrant layers of wall tints and textiles support an eclectic array of collectibles gathered from antique shops in Nola and the Big Apple, paired with custom furnishings and textiles.

In the formal dining room, the palette reflects a gold Nepalese tapestry married with Lee Jofa’s crushed velvet and metallic upholstery that lines the backs of the host and hostess chairs at the heads of the table. In the living room, where dinner guests are encouraged to lounge on oversized Turkish floor pillows, a niched backdrop showcases a collection of the owner’s original hand-thrown pottery. We added Scalamandre Red Lacquer wallcovering to what was a very ordinary white built-in in the living room. It was the imperfect color of the red and the pattern that drew us to it. With more ruby and sapphire jewel tones found in the Oriental rug that blends pinks and orange and cranberry, we had custom tiles, also hand-blocked, to surround the fire place and kitchen back splash. Every surface was touched, everything re-done.

With our help, she was able to bring bits and pieces of the world home with her.
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