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Contemporary, Colorful, Connected

Bound Together

Raleigh, North Carolina

In transforming a 1900’s Craftsman-style Bungalow into an art-infused, urban haven, we collaborated with architects Brett Hautop and Jody Brown. We redefined the space by integrating contemporary Scion fabrics into custom furnishings, while skillfully incorporating traffic-flow woodwork details into the flooring—a collaborative effort with the expertise of Evan Lightner Studio. Our clients, busy parents of five, sought an uncluttered haven without compromising luxury. We blended color, form, and function seamlessly—creating a vibrant, inviting reflection of their style. Throughout the renovated Bungalow, each space resonates with the family’s personality, expressed through textured materials and thoughtful lines that symbolize their close bond.

In the transformed kitchen, a lively interplay of color and texture emerges with an accessible mosaic tile ceiling and gold-speckled backsplash flowing down the wall. Simplistic woven light fixtures hover above custom concrete countertops, infusing artistry into functionality. The dining room introduces an elegant, wavy decorative wall tile, creating a stunning visual effect. Built-in panels in the family room contribute undeniable details, while diamond-shaped veneer, crafted from Sycamore wood by Tom Jackson Floors, accentuates the beauty of the grain. An adjustable artistic panel by Peter Lik elegantly conceals the TV, showcasing our commitment to functional beauty. Each child’s room tells a unique story through personalized patterns and thoughtful design, featuring geometric, patterned wallcoverings and maximizing space with bunk beds or lofts. Drawing inspiration from Chicago's urban aesthetic, the master bedroom is a blend of eye-catching furniture rooted in architectural influences, with a centerpiece wood tub by NK Woodworking Design serving as a functional form of fine art.

Every area unfolds its unique blend of textures and materials, adding a rich layer of depth that engages both the visual and tactile senses.
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