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Culture, Creativity, Collaboration

Vantaca Phase 1

Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington, NC

In the vibrant seaside setting of Wrightsville Beach, Vantaca's office underwent a transformative renovation that perfectly embodies their values of culture, creativity, and collaboration. Focused on fostering an active and innovative work environment, the redesign blends a clear and progressive aesthetic with brand-conscious elements. The minimalist design, complemented by lounge-worthy furniture arrangements and an abundance of natural light, creates a refreshing atmosphere. This beach-inspired workspace, adorned with the brand's bright green and blue colors, seamlessly integrates technology motifs into its flooring and wallcoverings, showcasing a balance between functionalism and high-quality design. Vantaca's commitment to a collaborative and relaxed feel is embodied in carefully curated details, including hanging chairs, warm wood tones, and lush greenery, creating a workspace that transcends the ordinary.

As you step into Vantaca's beachfront office, the design tells a story of a brand deeply rooted in its location. The renovation not only fulfills the client's wish for an open, relaxed environment but also plays on the casual vibe of Wrightsville Beach. From sit/stand desks to secluded collaborative spaces, the office layout reflects Vantaca's desire for a dynamic workplace that encourages both focus and interaction. A cluster of David Trubridge light fixtures welcomes you, serving as a unique focal point that captures the essence of Vantaca's commitment to creativity and innovation. This project is more than just a renovation; it's a testament to Vantaca's dedication to creating a work setting that mirrors the energy and spirit of the coastal community it calls home.

A vibrant blend of coastal inspiration and cutting-edge design transforms the workspace into an energetic hub of creativity and collaboration.
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