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Artful, Sophisticated, Vibrant

Timeless Tapestry

Forest Hills, Wilmington, NC

In the heart of Forest Hills, Wilmington, this residence underwent a transformative renewal that seamlessly blends classic sophistication with contemporary allure. A collaboration with a worldly couple deeply connected to Wilmington, this project unfolded as a dance of tradition and modernity. The removal of walls ushered in a harmonious, open layout, giving rise to inventive spaces like the butler pantry linking the kitchen and dining.

With a keen eye for color and pattern, the home became a canvas where French-patterned tiles adorned classic white kitchens, and vibrant pantries created a delightful contrast. The synergy of heirloom antiques and a fresh, modern vision revealed a residence that not only reflects the couple's sophisticated taste but also exudes comfort. This artful interplay, from Newton Paisley valances to carefully curated neutral spaces punctuated by bursts of color, transforms this home into a sophisticated haven where every detail tells a story.

A canvas where classic elegance meets avant-garde vibrancy, curated with a collector's eye for antique treasures and a passion for artful design.
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