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Timeless, Diverse, Efficient

The Davis Community

Wilmington, NC

The Davis Community project was a transformative refresh, bringing traditional, transitional, and timeless elements to the forefront. Characterized by classic architecture, clean lines, and carefully defined interior spaces, this project sought to rejuvenate while preserving the historical connection among the residents. Natural light flooded the space, inducing a refreshing outdoor ambiance, and crisp white walls set the stage for a nature-inspired palette featuring blues, grays, corals, and creams. Bold splashes of color and lively patterns were thoughtfully incorporated to infuse personality into the design.

Curated objects, inviting furniture accents, and transitional touches created a cohesive yet diverse atmosphere. The project was a delicate balance of form and function, weaving a tapestry of individual experiences for games, entertainment, and communal activities. Traditional furnishings, with a focus on efficiency and quality of life, cater to the diverse needs of those who inhabit the space. Lush seating areas, modern elements, and the careful integration of natural life made this venture a multi-faceted challenge, akin to orchestrating ten distinct projects within one facility. The crowning touch was a custom copper heron fountain, a whimsical blend of art and function, enhancing the overall inviting and open feel of the space.

Transforming a care facility into a vibrant tapestry of timeless design, each corner unfolds as a unique chapter, making this project feel like ten remarkable endeavors woven into one.
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