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Tonal, Coastal, Thoughtful

Seaside Tranquility

Brunswick County, NC

In the heart of Brunswick County, a family found their perfect haven after moving from bustling Atlanta. The concept for their new coastal retreat was simple yet resonant—capturing the essence of a shoreline home. Clean lines, soft furnishings, and a palette of soothing tones were masterfully orchestrated to echo the tranquil beauty of nature. The sunroom, a French country and English garden-inspired space, became the wife's sanctuary. The pièce de résistance: a chintz sofa with ruffle trim, a collaborative triumph where the client's decisive taste met the designer's expertise.

Collaboration thrived throughout—the husband's man cave exuded masculinity with custom millwork, leather recliners, and handsome details. The living room, centered around a stone fireplace, welcomed soft florals and Thibaut fabrics, creating a cozy retreat. Even the study and pantry revealed thoughtful touches—custom shelving, leather recliners, and open shelving showcasing beautiful details. Each element, from Winchester tile in the kitchen to tone-on-tone perfection, harmonized to fulfill the family's wishes for function and an open, unpretentious haven. The real star, however, remains the chintz sofa—a dream fulfilled and a testament to the magic that happens when collaboration meets expertise.

Unveiling a coastal retreat echoing shoreline serenity, our design dance of simplicity and sophistication is embodied by a cherished chintz sofa — the heart of this cozy haven.
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