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Timeless, Coastal, Family-Friendly

Pine Valley Country Club

The Pine Valley Country Club underwent a remarkable transformation, seamlessly merging modern aesthetics with timeless design principles. In collaboration with BMH architects, we embarked on a renovation journey to revitalize a space that had worn the heavy details of its '70s/'80s origins. The goal was to create an inviting and family-friendly environment, celebrating the club's blue-collar charm without sacrificing style.

One of the standout features is the redesigned bar area, where the essence of the outdoors converges with the dining experience. The coastal color palette, characterized by tranquil hues, instills a casual warmth throughout. We strategically blended natural materials with modern elements, accentuating architectural beams through the artful white-washing of existing wood ceilings. This transformation not only lightened the space but also elevated its functionality and style. From fresh lighting solutions to new carpet tiles, every detail was meticulously chosen to embrace the club's ethos—comfortable, modest, and family-friendly. The result is a timeless design that breathes new life into Pine Valley Country Club, reflecting its rich heritage while embracing a brighter, more contemporary future.

Amidst the Pine Valley Country Club's transformation, the bar became a haven where the outdoors and social dining seamlessly intertwine, creating a coastal escape within the heart of the club.
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