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Serene, Coastal, Artistic

Palisades at Lewis Creek

Wilmington, NC

Capturing the essence of the local coastline with a modern coastal design, our project embraced Mediterranean influences to craft a space that seamlessly integrates with its environment. The soft color palette, drawing inspiration from driftwood and natural stone, imparts an earthy aesthetic that resonates throughout. Furnishings and fixtures, inspired by sea life, contribute to the overall theme with their forms, structures, and textures. Upholstery and floor coverings add layers of depth to the neutral canvas, displaying varied shades of ember, taupes, and ecru that pay homage to our native ocean flora and fauna.

In this coastal haven, sculptural light fixtures in copper and metal cast a shimmering glow, enhancing the ambiance. Interior architectural elements skillfully define spaces and reinforce the coastal feel. A wraparound fireplace, adorned with stucco and natural stone, features recessed arched shelving, becoming a focal point that anchors the design. Wood tones on the floor bring warmth and interest, cleverly mingling with bold, patterned tiles. This project stands as a testament to a harmonious marriage of coastal inspiration and modern design principles, creating an inviting space that echoes the beauty of its surroundings.

This coastal oasis not only captures the spirit of the sea but also invites you to discover hidden treasures in its sculptural details and shimmering fixtures.
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