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Timeless, Detailed, Comforting

Modern Harmony

Wilmington, NC

In the delightful transformation of a 1980s home, we took a journey through time, guiding it from dated to timeless allure. Our strategy focused on the power of simplicity—clean lines, rustic accents, and a touch of coastal flair to infuse personality. The initial landscape, dominated by heavy reds and metallic grays, posed a challenge. We wielded exquisite materials, like wood veneer with metallic inlay, to lighten and unify, culminating in an entrance adorned with captivating wall coverings.

The heart of the home, the kitchen, witnessed a remarkable metamorphosis. Dark woods yielded to washed finishes, and an exquisite semi-precious agate island became a focal point, harmonizing with painted blue cabinets. Our dedication to transformative details extended to the soft elegance of embroidered draperies and unique acrylic hardware. Beyond aesthetics, our approach aimed for a timeless essence—balancing open, inviting spaces with elevated focal points. This project stands as a testament to the art of turning '80s echoes into a contemporary retreat, a fusion of enduring comfort and captivating design.

Transforming an '80s canvas into a modern masterpiece, this renovation whispers secrets of timeless design, inviting you to discover every exquisite detail.
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