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Textural, Effortless, Historic

Livable Luxury

Wilmington, NC (Sunset Park)

The challenge for this young couple was to merge traditional, farmhouse, and edgy transitional styles into a space that radiated luxury yet felt effortlessly welcoming. Regular visitors to the Big Sky Shop + Studio, they wanted their home to be a haven of elevated comfort where everyone could feel at home, free to enjoy the space to the fullest. From the neutral-toned, soothing foyer, with its modernized coffered ceiling and mint green accents, to the dramatic yet not overpowering dining area featuring soft black wallpaper, the design expertly blended all of the elements. The fusion of existing traditional furniture with modern touches, like bronze-finished metal dining chairs, resulted in a dining space that was both visually striking and harmonious. The living room, painted in SW Green Onyx to encapsulate the outdoors, boasts a cozy charcoal suede leather sectional, quirky sculptures, and a promise of a forthcoming kitchen renovation, hinting at thoughtful layers of texture, interest, and scale.

Beyond the interiors, the exterior of this unique home is an extension of its design narrative. Adorned with florals from Foxhound Flower Farm, foraged backyard blooms, and planters from Big Sky Shop+ Studio and the Plant Place, the outdoor space seamlessly connects with the home's inner personality. Guided by the couple's vision, the design embraces a vibrant fusion of styles, proving that rich luxury and unpretentious comfort can indeed coexist.

Bringing together the elegance of traditional, the warmth of farmhouse, and the edgy allure of transitional styles, this home is a vibrant canvas where luxury meets laughter and every detail tells a story.
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