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Refreshing, Modern, Geometric

Light + Bright

St. James, NC

In the heart of St James Plantation, we breathed a vibrant new life into this home, guided by our client's craving for light and brightness. With a palette of punchy and cheerful hues, we transformed each room into a modern and geometric haven. The kitchen received a refreshing update with sleek cabinets and countertops, while small yet powerful pops of color adorned window treatments, fabrics, and accessories throughout.

A notable transformation occurred in the hallway leading to the master suite, where peek-a-boo wallpaper and a captivating artwork ensemble from New Elements Gallery now catch every passerby's attention. The challenge was to create a space that not only reflected the family's extensive travels but also provided a cozy sun porch for reading, dining, and enjoying spectacular sunsets. Beyond the aesthetic changes, the project became a unique reunion, as we previously designed their daughter and son-in-law's home, making it a wonderful continuation of our shared design journey.

A sunlit haven of punchy hues and geometric accents, this coastal retreat in St James Plantation not only boasts a vibrant design transformation but also marks a delightful reunion, with our team having previously designed their daughter's home years before.
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