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Eclectic, Cinematic, Vibrant

Jengo's Playhouse

Wilmington, NC

Jengo's Playhouse, nestled in the heart of Wilmington, NC, underwent a vibrant transformation that embraced its quirky heritage with a touch of vintage theater charm. Drawing inspiration from the eccentric spirit of Jengo’s, the renovation was an eclectic and funky endeavor, combining bold patterning with vibrant color blocking to create a space that resonates with creativity. With a keen eye on cost-effectiveness, the team masterfully repurposed original film equipment, incorporating them in unexpected new ways and utilizing inexpensive materials without compromising on the design's strength.

The focal point of the revamp was the bar area, strategically designed as a vibrant hub where people come not only for refreshments but also to immerse themselves in international films, echoing the artistic essence of events like Cucalorus. Every element, from the bold colors and wall coverings to creative storage solutions, contributes to an environment that captures the essence of Jengo's Playhouse—a space where art, visuals, and vibrant experiences seamlessly intertwine.

A cinematic transformation where vintage film equipment found new life, adding an eccentric touch to Wilmington's creative heartbeat.
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