Elegant, Thoughtful, Functional

Fresh Take on Tradition

Wilmington, NC

Seeking a harmonious integration with their 1950s traditional-style home, these clients desired an updated kitchen and entertainment space. The kitchen, central to their family life, required chef-quality appliances, ample storage, and enhanced functionality. Despite a narrow footprint, our goal was to imbue the kitchen with a sense of spaciousness and light. Opting for a clean, white quartz waterfall island and a seamless kitchen backsplash, complemented by linen white and warm wood cabinetry, resulted in a bright, inviting space perfect for family gatherings.

Expanding beyond the kitchen, a remarkable wet bar and mudroom emerged from what was once the laundry room. This transformation not only extended the entertainment space but also served as a clutter-free transition from the newly added porch to the living area. The design seamlessly connected with their existing color scheme and classic style. Adding a personal and functional touch, a custom wood beam and bench area, crafted by the clients themselves, showcased their remarkable talent while harmonizing with the warm wood tones throughout the kitchen and surrounding areas of the home.

The client's extraordinary craftsmanship shines through in the handcrafted wood beam and bench, skillfully bringing out warm wood tones that seamlessly connect with the kitchen and adjacent areas of the home.