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Bold, Modern, Colorful

Family Ties

Wilmington, NC

In the lush expanse of Wilmington's Landfall, a residential haven underwent a vibrant metamorphosis in a thoughtful refresh. Enlivening the spaces with bold, modern strokes, the client's wish for function and style became a guiding beacon. Bedrooms witnessed a reorganization, transforming into curated sanctuaries, while the TV room acquired depth and texture through the addition of specialty wood paneling, elevating it into a dimensional cocoon of leisure.

The dining room became a symphony of modern elegance, a stainless steel-accented table at its heart, complemented by glamorous sideboards and crystalline accents. A dramatic transformation unfolded in the living room, where the fireplace emerged as a powerful focal point, dressed in sleek black lacquer. Throughout, existing art sets the tone, a testament to a collaborative journey marked by moments of transformation and weaving heirlooms seamlessly into a narrative of contemporary charm.

In a burst of color and flair, this Wilmington residence seamlessly marries modern aesthetics with familial charm, crafting personalized sanctuaries in every corner.
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