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Classic, Charming, Generational

Coastal Charm

Wilmington, NC

In the picturesque setting of RiverLights, the Coastal Charm project emerges as a testament to timeless elegance and family-focused design. In response to the client's desire for a home that effortlessly accommodates large gatherings and furry companions, the design seamlessly marries warm and cool tones, creating a welcoming ambiance. The open floor plan showcases classic silhouettes adorned with simple yet versatile patterns, providing a canvas that beautifully blends sentimental accent decor pieces with a fresh Wilmington color palette.

A distinctive touch in the project comes from the reimagining of an oversized brown leather ottoman, initially met with hesitation. However, its rich color and substantial size prove to be a design triumph, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. This family room centerpiece not only invites relaxation with a space to put up one's feet but also adds a warm and impactful element with tufting, demonstrating how subtle details can significantly enhance a space. Anchored in North Carolina, every upholstery item in the Coastal Charm project is locally crafted, contributing to the home's authenticity and connection to the region. The thoughtful placement of color, including the soothing SW Lullaby and SW Prairie Grass paint choices, adds a unique layer of visual interest, making this residence a harmonious blend of charm, coastal allure, and enduring style.

A family-focused haven weaving sentiment, style, and local craftsmanship into the fabric of a timeless interior.
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