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Multi-Faceted, Vibrant, Functional

CAMS: Wilmington

Wilmington, NC

Embarking on the transformation of a compact inner office area, our industrial design for this client evolved into a functional and dynamic workspace. As per the client's wish, we harnessed the essence of their brand, incorporating teal blues and oranges in carefully chosen elements. The design focused on synergy, creating a flexible workspace that fosters both individuality and collaborative efforts. We used faceted shapes and furniture-blocking techniques to maximize the small space, yielding a unique flair for employees to enjoy. Our attention to detail extended to playful light fixtures, slanted bookshelves at desks, and a conference room infused with an industrial flavor, featuring modern funky carpets and a functional table.

Neutral tones dominate the overall space, allowing bolder hues to distinguish details and infuse an energizing personality. The waiting room, conference room, lounge, six offices, and breakroom showcase the brand's graphic quality through art selections. We meticulously considered existing furniture, upgrading where necessary, and incorporated wood tones to bring warmth. The breakroom, a vibrant hub, uses colored grout and solid tiles for a lively atmosphere. This renovation journey aimed not only to reflect the client's brand but also to create a modern, fun, and highly functional workspace that aligns with the unique needs and identity of the business.

Revitalizing a compact inner office, our industrial design brought functional flair and vibrant brand hues, creating a dynamic workspace that blends individuality and collaboration seamlessly.
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