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Classic, Liveable, Updated

A New Chapter

Wilmington, NC

In the quiet embrace of Landfall, this project unfolds as a tale of transformation for a family gracefully transitioning into a new chapter. A carefully crafted refresh breathes life into every corner, emphasizing a casually classic aesthetic infused with washed wood tones. As the children set sail for college, the home takes on a renewed identity.

Diving into the heart of the project, the dining space emerges as a focal point, artfully marrying tradition with contemporary allure. An inheritance of design details is gently nudged aside to welcome a brand-new dining tableau, radiating comfort and chic simplicity. Hollingsworth's masterful touch graces the cabinetry, a testament to fine craftsmanship. Every space echoes the client's wish for a livable, soft coastal ambiance, where existing pieces dance harmoniously with modern updates. The master bathroom undergoes a metamorphosis, shedding its closed-standing cocoon for an airy expanse featuring a glass-cornered shower and a luxurious soaking tub. Sourcing acoustic art for the two-story open space adds a unique symphony to the design, making this residence not just a home but a resonant, evolving masterpiece.

Carefully sourced acoustic art transforms two stories into a melodic symphony.
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