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Vibrant, Global, Generational

A Color Story

Wilmington, North Carolina

Immersed in the dream of a contemporary waterfront haven, our clients envisioned a space where generations of cherished furniture and treasures from global adventures would seamlessly merge with a daring color palette. Bold strokes of hot pink, cobalt blue, and turquoise dance against a canvas of whites, with architectural elements forming a rhythmic dance between interior and exterior realms. The garden mirrors the home's geometric grace, adorned with artistically arranged concrete slabs that beckon you towards a turquoise spiral staircase, a vibrant prelude to the home's energetic interiors.

Crafting drama from coral stone sourced from Palm Beach to the Dominican Republic, the exterior and a dividing wall within pay homage to the clients' favorite travels. Treasures from Morocco, Asia, and the Caribbean become the heartbeat of the home's global narrative. Our journey involved weaving family heirlooms and exotic finds into a tapestry of bold wallpapers, whimsical fabrics, and one-of-a-kind tiles, delivering a harmonious color symphony. Seeking the unexpected in every corner, our team placed vibrant surprises — from creative tile patterns to lively color pops — infusing the home with an undeniably rich personality, a testament to the unique story our clients wished to share across generations.

Handpicked from their journeys through Morocco, Asia, and the Caribbean, these artifacts and materials weave a global narrative that eloquently speaks the language of our clients' home, forming the soulful backdrop to their personal voyage.
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