Lily Russell

Junior Designer

Realizing the elements of beauty, harmony, and the creative work of interior design led me to my position at Big Sky Design. As a junior designer, I work with the design team to support projects through Big Sky Shop + Studio. With passions rooted in art, history, and nature; I’ve always been drawn to design’s ability to blend each of those elements in an interior space. When seamlessly blended within an interior; unique art, rich historical elements, and natural materials can create such an intriguing, cultivated experience. As most of my studies were grounded in history, accurately incorporating historical pieces in a room is essential to me. The ethos of a client and the emotions they want to feel in their home is also such a meaningful part of the design process. I’m continuously inspired by fleeting moments of beauty, and I strive to capture that essence in our varying projects—working alongside our design team to truly craft a space that expresses the mood and movement each client wishes for.

B.A. Art History, Classics, History, Furman University, 2022