Rileigh Wilkins

Creative Director of Big Sky Shop + Studio

I love to push the creative envelope and I have an affinity for helping others to do the same. As Creative Director, I lead our team of talented designers to create inspiring furniture vignettes for our showroom floor. I work alongside Big Sky’s President, Jennifer, to dream up an ever-evolving vision for our Shop + Studio. My eyes are always attuned to design trends, upcoming local artists, and sourcing the newest gifts and accessories. Along with my sales team, we are carefully curating the shopper’s experience from the smell when you open the door to the beverage you’re offered as you collaborate with your designer. I’m brainstorming with Ryan—our Marketing Coordinator—about the unique experiences we can create for you through our events and design packages. Lastly, I fuel my inspiration through collaborating with clients on their home projects and design dreams. I can’t wait to hear what you’re dreaming up!

B.A. International Studies, University of North Carolina Wilmington, 2014