Kira D'Andrea

Junior Designer

My passion for art history, architecture, studio art and design led me to where I am today and continues to impact how I live and work. I am inspired by unique, open-minded thinkers and designers; and find great inspiration in fashion, nature, and many forms of art. Thriving in creative and immersive environments that bring new challenges each day led me to interior design and the endless possibilities it offers to continuously evolve and overcome present day architectural and design challenges—from the growth of sustainable design to the ever-changing and growing selection of textiles. I believe that the function, inventiveness, and purposefulness of a design are just as important as the aesthetics of that design. In my role as design assistant, I strive to not only support both the residential and commercial design teams to the best of my ability, but to also challenge myself to be just as inventive and unique as those who inspire me.

B.S. Interior Design, Meredith College, 2021