Theatre Now

Dramatic, artistic, colorful

Wilmington, NC

The interior design focused on the dining area, stage, and bar directly in the entry. The bar was a strong focal point, so we wanted to illuminate it—literally. Working within a budget, we were able to add dramatic accents by using multiple colors of glass tile on the bar front, as well as an illuminated acrylic bar top. The wall colors intentionally work to both highlight some surfaces and camouflage others. Strong jewel tone colors were used throughout, which remained very visible even during low light levels in evening performances.

We worked with the owner to provide space planning for the dining area. We maximized the seating with the tables and chairs, as well as utilized booth seating to define the dining area. Some of our favorite pieces were the performance art themed sconces provided by the owner, which generated the color scheme for the space.

The performance art themed sconces, provided by the owner, generated the color scheme for the space.
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